Powerlift dock leveller offer highly functional solutions for transport and storage needs. Our loading ramps are manufactured in the following categories:


Vertical loading ramps are the simplest and most economical solution for transporting the transport vehicle to the structure in warehouses and warehouses. Generally, it is preferred when the ramp cannot be mounted in the structure. Steep ramps do not require additional construction; can be easily applied to the existing structure. When it is not in use, it does not take up space by standing upright. However, the steep ramps are generally vulnerable to external factors due to the fact that the cylinder shaft is usually out and not attached to the structure. Since the electrical and hydraulic equipment is generally out of structure, the ramp is susceptible to harmful interference. Besides these disadvantages, ease of application is preferred because of its low cost.
2. LIP DOCK LEVELLER Hinged ramps (pit style lip dock levelers) are a professional storage tool that has been added into the structure. The hinged flap (or lip) on the front of it gives this product its name. In professional storage systems, these ramps are the most used type of connection between vehicle and warehouse. When the lip dock levelers are closed, the lip assembly also protects the ramp. The standard lip length is 405 mm. On request, if the building conditions are suitable, 500 mm. lip is possible. The leveler has a carrying capacity of 6 tons.
3. TELESCOBIC DOCK LEVELLER Telescopic loading ramps have been added to the structure as lip dock leveller. The only difference is that the lip is telescopic. It is the most user-friendly and secure loading ramp since it provides a longer flap. Standard lip length 500 mm. 1000 mm. and 1200 mm. can also be produced. It has a carrying capacity of 6 tons.
4. FLAT FLOOR LOADING RAMP Mobil rampaya ihtiyaç duymaksızın hidrolik tahrik ile istenilen seviyeye yükselen gömme tip yükleme rampası düz zeminlerde kullanım için idealdir. En verimli şekilde 1600 mm.'ye kadar yükselebilen düz zemin rampaları müşteri taleplerine ve yapının imkanlarına göre tasarlanıp imal edilmektedir. EN 1398 standardına göre maksimum %12,5 eğim elde edilebilmektedir.


  • All Powerlift loading ramps comply with EN 1398 standard.
  • Flat transitions between the flap and the loading site make loading safe.
  • Sturdy flaps feature this feature 12/14 mm.
  • The hinges are minimized in hinged types. For this reason, foreign materials are prevented from entering the hinges.
  • Thanks to 2 hydraulic cylinders and the hydraulic power unit that feeds these cylinders in an electrically controlled manner, the ramp is user-friendly, safe and reliable.
  • The rated load capacity is 6 tons as standard. Load capacities can be increased if the load is generally higher, such as paper loading.
  • The number of beams and design prevents deformation. Conforms to EN 1398.
  • Telescopic ramps with rubber bumpers and sound pollution absorbing design are available.
  • The minimum / maximum positioning depth of the ramp and flap can be seen from the signs on the ramp and flap. The control of the ramp and flaps is made separately; operator can make precise adjustment.
  • Mounting brackets provide ease of installation. In addition to the concreting, the installation extensions, which provide the possibility of welding to any mounting iron before concreting, provide extra confidence, especially at the back.
  • Air pockets between the body and the ramp can cause mechanical fatigue; With the ventilation holes minimizing this risk, Powerlift works longer than its competitors.
  • Powerlift loading ramps can gain more mobility with scissor platform combination. However, these types are non-standard. Please inquire.
  • Powerlift loading ramp body elements can be manufactured from hot-dip galvanized sheet according to customer demand.

Standart Types of Powerlift Lip Dock Leveler
* It's just for information
**Loading ramps are generally produced according to customer demand, the following table is our standard dimensions since it is generally used.

CODE W (mm) H (mm) Closed L (mm) Lip W (mm) Ramp stroke (mm) Freight Capacity (kg) Cylinder
POWERLIFT.R.M.06 2500 2000 500 400 +550 -350 6000 1+1
POWERLIFT.R.M.10 3000 2200 500 400 +550 -350 10000 2+1

How can I order?
Loading ramps vary depending on variables such as the truck to be used, the area to be loaded, the vehicle to be loaded, the condition of the structure. If you can send us the pictures of where you are planning to implement in your loading ramp requirements and if you wish, please contact us by whatsapp or e-mail. If the offers including the assembly and excluding the assembly are approved, your order will be processed immediately depending on the delivery time and payment terms.

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